Microsoft Outlook 2007 Configuration

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Microsoft Outlook 2007 Configuration

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Step 1: Open Outlook and select Account Settings from the Tools menu.

Step 2: Click New...

When finished, click "Next".

Step 3: Select Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP, or HTTP for E-mail Service

When finished, click "Next".

Step 4: Check the box next to where it says Manually configure server settings or additional server types

When finished, click "Next".

Step 5: Select Internet E-mail for E-mail Service

When finished, click "Next".

Step 6: Configure the account as follows: Enter your name and e-mail address that were given to you in the User Information section. For the Server Information section enter for the incoming mail server and for the outgoing mail server (SMTP). In the Logon Information section enter your FULL e-mail address as the user name, and the password that was given to you in the password field.

Click on the "More Settings" button once you've filled out the above information.

Step 7: Click the More Settings button in the lower right hand corner and on the Outgoing Server tab in the new window, and check the box next to where it says My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.

Step 8: Click on the Advanced tab in the same window, and check the box next to where it says This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL). Where it says Use the following type of encrypted connection, select SSL in the drop down box. In the Outgoing server (SMTP) section enter 465.

Hit OK, and then Next on the previous window, and then click Finish on the next window.

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