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Superior Web Site Design

When BDH Technology is invited to build a web site we always start by asking our client, "what do you want from your web site?" It seems like such a simple question, but is consistently overlooked.

When starting a new project, we take the time to discuss your ideas as well as the information and image you want to convey so the end product is complete, attractive and serves your purpose. It is this attention to detail that gives us our edge and advantage over our competitors.

When working with BDH Technology, you'll receive a listening ear as well advice from experienced web designers.

Why Choose Us?

  • You will be treated as individual as the solutions we provide. All web sites are custom designed.
  • You will receive a single point of contact available 24-hours a day to field all your questions.
  • You'll have peace of mind. Your web site is revised until you are completely satisfied.
  • Your technical support will continue after your web site has been delivered.
  • You get integrated solutions. You can benefit from our web and logo design, database solutions, Macromedia Flash® animations, and many other services.

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All web sites designed by BDH Technology include the following services: (click the ? for more information)
  • Home Page (?)
  • Professionally rendered text (?)
  • Expert image processing (?)
  • Search Engine Registration (?)
  • Link Testing (?)
  • Browser Cross-Compatibility Testing (?)
  • Detailed Page Tracking Reports (?)
Other available web site services: (click the ? for more information)
  • Flash Banners & Other Animations (?)
  • Forms (?)
  • Surveys (?)
  • Redesign an Existing Web Site (?)
  • Custom Graphics and Logo Development (?)
  • Image Galleries and Online Portfolios (?)
  • Message Boards/Forums (?)
  • DHTML Menus (?)
  • JavaScript (?)

All web sites will require a domain name as well as a web hosting provider. If you wish to see a sample of our other web design work please visit our web design portfolio. Check out the Iowa towns page, which lists all of the areas in Iowa we serve.

Have more questions? Want a free quote? Go to our contact us page and fill in detailed information about the site that you would like created. We will process your request and respond as quickly as possible.

Cedar Rapids web design,Marshalltown web design,Iowa web design,Ames web design,Des Moines web design