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Computer/Technology Recycling

When it comes to responsible electronics recycling in Cedar Rapids, Marshalltown, and surrounding areas in Iowa, BDH Technology goes above and beyond your typical electronics recycler. Our recycling process allows us to recycle the majority of all materials that we receive from both our commercial clients and residential collection efforts, in an environmentally friendly manner that minimizes materials that end up in our community's waste streams.

Some of the common items that we recycle free of charge include: computers (desktops & laptops), cell phones, IT & networking equipment, servers, MP3 players, PDA's, tablets, ink and toner cartridges! 

We recycle many other items for a nominal fee such as printers, scanners, copiers, fax machines, TV's, medical & lab equipment, communications equipment, phones, monitors (CRT/LCD/LED), and pretty much anything else with a circuit board or cord!

In addition to our electronics recycling practices, BDH Technology also specializes in secure data destruction of electronic data, as well as complete asset management for businesses who need to plan for electronic obsolescence.

eScrap is a growing concern on a global level, and advances in technology continuously render electronics and other equipment obsolete in a relatively short period of time. With finite natural resources on our planet, it is important to reuse and recycle electronics and other equipment to keep harmful elements out of our waste streams, and decrease our environmental impact.

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