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Secure E-mail Encryption Service

BDH Technology's secure e-mail encryption service is an upgrade available to the advanced SPAM/Virus filtering service. The secure e-mail encryption services is an Identity Based Encryption (IBE) service. IBE uses identities (such as email addresses) to calculate encryption keys that can be used for encrypting and decrypting electronic messages. Compared with traditional public-key cryptography, IBE greatly simplifies the encryption process for both users and administrators. Another advantage is that a message recipient does not need any certificate or key pre-enrollment or specialized software to access the email.

How it Works

BDH Technology's secure e-mail encryption service encrypts an email message using the public key generated with the recipient’s email address. The email recipient does not need to install any software or generate a pair of keys in order to access the email.  The service automatically encrypts the email using the public key before sending a notification to the recipient.

The notification email contains an HTML attachment, which contains instructions and links telling the recipient how to access the encrypted email.

If this is the first time the recipient receives such a notification, the recipient must follow the instructions and links to register for the service before reading email.

If this is not the first time the recipient receives such a notification and the recipient has already registered for the service, the recipient only needs to log in to read the email message.

Click here for information on how to use BDH Technology's secure e-mail encryption service or click here to contact BDH Technology.

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